Jen Thomas

Radio Presenter, Journalist, Blogger

Before (and besides) blogging, I’ve been working as a freelance journalist for music and lifestyle magazines, celebrity websites, local newspapers and more for 15 years. At the age of 13 I set up an online music magazine; basic HTML and Geocities galore via a 10p per minute dial up internet connection, but at least there weren’t any rotating GIFs and sparkles. I left school at 16 to undertake long term work experience at the Milton Keynes Citizen newspaper, and soon started to write for The Fly, Rock Sound, Big Cheese, AOL, Things & Ink and more. I also co-presented/guested on BBC Radio Stoke’s Subculture show with Rob Adcock as the “national music expert” (see the Radio page for more on that.)

See below for just a sample of some of my published work, online and in print from Rock Sound, BBC Stoke, AOL and more. Please contact me at if you’d be interested in commissioning me.

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