Jen Thomas

Radio Presenter, Journalist, Blogger

Hello there!

Well this is all very exciting isn’t it. Although technically I suppose it’s not cool to say that you’re excited, but come on, look at me. If you’re here expecting the epitomé of cool, I’m afraid you’ll most likely be left somewhat bemused by a vaguely goth late-20 something that looks a bit like Abby from NCIS with a penchant for peter pan collars and inexpertly applied lipstick. There will be cake though, oh yes, there will be cake.


^ That’s me by the way. Jen Thomas, in case the web address wasn’t a giveaway. She of the ever changing hair colour, tattoos, and a not-so-secret love of pugs, flamingos and daisy prints. This blog is a new venture, alongside a day job and freelance journalism over at I’m also studying broadcast journalism at Nottingham Trent University.

I started out as a freelance journalist, teaching myself HTML on a ropey dial-up pay per minute internet connection at the age of 13 (frequent cries down the stairs of “10 more minutes, please!” were heard. I’m showing my age already, aren’t I, which is 28, by the by. Feel free to tell me how youthful I look. Please. Go on.) to create an online magazine, interviewing and reviewing bands. Things went a bit ‘Almost Famous’, working freelance for The Fly, Rock Sound, Big Cheese, Disorder, Things & Ink, BringTheNoise, AOL Eleven, Yahoo and more throughout my teens and early twenties, as well as co-presenting on BBC Stoke’s Introducing programme. However, times they are a-changing, and this blog will be an outlet for my somewhat eclectic taste that may not necessarily fit into the aforementioned publications.

You could say that I like to keep busy! Join me anyway, for fashion, tattoos, music, food, sewing/customising and whatever else takes my fancy. If you have any suggestions, questions or commissions then please send me an email to, or find me on Twitter as @JournoJenThomas and Instagram at @jenthomaswrites

Pleased to meet you!

Jen x

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