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Congratulations! You’ve started at Nottingham Trent University. You’ve met some of your flat mates, got lost in the rabbit warren of the Lace Market/Hockley, and collected some questionable phone numbers at Ocean; but how can you make the most of this exciting first week? Here are ten tips of how to make sure you don’t crash and burn on Freshers Week.

1. Try and get some sleep. While partying every night might sound fun, it will suddenly seem like a Very. Bad. Idea. when you realise you have several 9am seminars this week.

Being the life and soul of the party, the one screaming songs at 5am and collapsing face first into your chips and cheese at 6am might make you popular with fellow social butterflies, but it won’t make you popular with your tutor when you miss your fourth lecture in a row. Oops.

2. Make the most of the free food while you can. Pizza! Greggs! Sweets! 

Your student loan might last a few extra days if you make the most of the free buffet of Dominos, sausage rolls, sweets, and vouchers that will be shoved into your grabby hands by the freshers fair staff. So. Much. Free. Stuff.

3. But try and eat something  green/healthy occasionally. (Peppers on pizza totally counts.)

A diet of microwave meals and pasta with cheese won’t help you when freshers flu inevitably arrives in your face. Orange VK’s don’t count as vitamin C either, sorry.

4. Don’t just stay in your room. Everyone is as scared and as nervous as you are, buy a doorstop and leave your door open to give people a chance to say hello.

Your new BFF might be the other side of that door. Or they might be a complete weirdo, but you never know unless you try and meet people. You’ll get a good story either way.

5. Explore the city. Be prepared to get totally lost, both on campus and in the surrounding area. Accept that you will turn up to the wrong room at some point.

If all else fails, follow the tram lines in the direction of Phoenix Park or Hucknall, it’ll bring you back to the uni.

6. Take photos. Lots of photos. Practice your pout. When you’re 30 you’ll look back and wonder what the hell you were wearing, but it’ll be funny. Trust me.

“*Why* did I wear dungarees?”.

7. Don’t even think about wearing high heels. Comfort is a must, and after one too many free jagerbombs you’ll regret them.

At the start of the night you think you’ll be dancing like this. You really, really won’t be.

8. Be prepared to forget the names of all of the people that you just met.

You’ll probably get called Bob, or Sarah, and it’ll reach a point where you feel too awkward to correct them.

9. Drink water. LOTS of water.

Drink a pint of water before you go to bed, and alternate alcoholic drinks with water or juice. You’ll thank me tomorrow.

10. Most importantly, have fun.

You’re only here once. Hopefully.

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