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Anyone who knows me, knows of my love of all things flamingo. It clashes somewhat with my goth/alt tendencies, but  Tropical Goth is clearly A Thing.  Primark have gone and brought out an even brighter Jurassic tshirt, this time for Jurassic World and I am very happy, as I live in my first one. The Vans trainers were a birthday gift the other week from my parents, and Duncan bought me the Sugar & Vice flamingo necklace. The daisy print watch was also a gift from ASOS, and the tropical cool bag was a bargain £3 from Primark.




Your eyes are not deceiving you, I’ve actually bought some white shirts! I genuinely think it’s the first time in 15 years I’ve bought something that isn’t black or floral. I even invested in a white bra to match! All of the shirts are from Primark, from the men’s section, with the exception of the Disney and Jurassic shirts which were from the women’s. While I was photographing this, a confused Dad appeared. “what are you doing?” “Photographing for my blog.” “Your what? You do remember that you’re allergic to grass?!” “Yep!” “Riiiiiiight…” *wanders off*. No doubt something experience by most relatives of bloggers, perpetual bemusement.



palm tree



tropical floral



Bonus “salad next to the garden, as I’m too pale to sit outside so will sit and look at it instead, while I really want ice cream/cake/wine”.


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