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I’m back! Apologies for the hiatus, pneumonia for two months wasn’t fun. It went away for a month and then came back, I swear I’ll start rattling soon from all of the pills! Hopefully it has gone for good now anyway, and I have plenty of ideas for posts lined up. Anyone who knows me will vouch for my love of woodland animals, with tattoos featuring a fox, rabbit, mouse and barn owl (hopefully adding a squirrel and a hedgehog at some point!) so as soon as I saw the ASOS Curve Woodland dress I had to have it. I’m a big fan of their jersey dresses, both Bardot off-the-shoulder and the tshirt/skater styles such as this. Unfortunately it’s not on the site anymore, but they have some other jersey and woodland themed items! I purchase an 18 from the Curve range to fit my bust and then belt in the waist as they are always too big (the joy of an hourglass shape!)


Always one for a theme I teamed it with a Sugar & Vice badger necklace and magpie earrings (two for joy!) – I have many of their pieces and wear one pretty much daily, I’ll do another post with my collection soon. They’ve just released a beautiful afternoon tea collection too.



My hair is back to completely black now too to give it a break, and I’ve had it cut into a longer bob by the lovely Stephen at Pimps & Pinups in London, highly recommended!

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