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George's Fish & Chip kitchen

George’s Fish & Chip kitchen

I was lucky enough to be invited to try out George’s Fish & Chip Kitchen this weekend, a new establishment on Queen Street in Nottingham (that should be open very soon, keep an eye on their Facebook to check!) celebrating all things Terribly British. Waiting staff resplendent in bow ties and bowler hats set the scene, however they have managed to avoid veering off down the tacky or chintzy path, in favour of contemporary muted colour schemes and chandeliers alongside reclaimed wooden boxes for the condiments (the lemon and dill salt and cider vinegar were both amazing, FYI). You can even sit in a striped wooden beach hut, which is a lot more tasteful that it sounds, honest. Framed Penguin novels adorn the walls, along with murals of various behatted fish (and “sand in a jar!”).


We were given a sample menu to choose from, and we went for the chicken liver pate with herbed yorkshire puddings and the vegetable fritters with goats cheese and pea pesto puree for starters, followed by sea bass and the mysteriously named “banger dog” for mains. The hot dog was easily one of the best I’ve ever had, in a brioche bun with cider onions, bloody mary ketchup and twice cooked chips. Desserts were blue banana ice cream and doughnuts with a hot chocolate dipping sauce, with bonus candy floss (which I was far more excited about than any 28 year old woman reasonably should be). All of the food had an unusual twist and the presentation was pleasingly quirky.




Trying the ‘circle of life’ wine.

As I went for an obligatory wander to take photos, Andrew kindly offered us a new Burleigh’s gin that was launched 8 weeks ago, with a floral taste. There’s a selection of pale ale and an english brewed, the Curious IPA, and there are plans for gin cocktails in tea pots too, as well as the very British cup of tea.

We only saw a sample menu, but some of the other items we heard about also sound fantastic so we’ll definitely be back for more. Other options we could have gone for were the classic cod and chips, “proper scampi”, a steak burger, chickpea burger or a proper chip butty. Check out the gallery below for more pictures.

Many thanks to George’s Fish & Chip Kitchen for having us.

2 thoughts on “I do like to be beside the seaside – George’s fish & chip kitchen

  1. Katy says:

    This looks amazing, I need to go as soon as it opens!


  2. Emma Richardson says:

    Looks very interesting; definitely a good nod to all things British, with a spinkling of pastiche without becoming too kitsch.

    I am impressed that they serve Fever Tree tonic (best tonic water ever!), and Innis & Gunn beer – yum!

    I like the George’s takeaway in Bridgford, so it’ll be a restaurant I try next year.


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