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Das Kino

Das Kino

Never mind the proverbial buses arriving at once, restaurants and bars are opening left right and centre in Nottingham, and I for one am very excited! One of my favourite places in the world is Berlin, I love the culture, the food, the general style; so you can imagine my joy when I heard about Das Kino, a new bar that has opened on Fletcher Gate.  Ping pong tables, grafitti, avant garde german cinema posters for the decor (The Cabinet of Dr Caligari, anyone?), unusual beers and cocktails all feature here, what more could you possibly want?

A PHOTOBOOTH, that’s what. My name is Jen, and I love photobooths. For £3, you get two strips of your photos, one in colour and one in b&w. My friends are all going to be dragged in here, whether they like it or not, to have our duckfaces immortalised forever more. Das Kino did a Facebook post where ‘likers’ could have their profile photos printed and dotted around the photobooth and it looks pretty damn cool, and I’ve recognised more than a few faces adorning the walls.

What’s that? You want more? There’s only one thing that could make this better. That thing is PIZZA. Amazing pizza at that, courtesy of Oscar & Rosies I caused a flurry of tweets about them a few weeks back, after the revelation that they sell pizza by the metre. (I’m totally cool with you sending me pictures of pizza print accessories on twitter. In fact, it’s actively encouraged, @jenthomaswrites). As yet I haven’t been brave enough to attempt a metre of pizza, but there is still time.

Photobooth funtimes.

Photobooth funtimes.

I went here on a first date – I know, I’m a classy lady.  Beer + pizza +photobooth = my face looking like this  (sorry Duncan, but it had to be included. Somehow he decided it was worth a second date despite my drunken giggles.) We went for a 14″ Meat Sweats pizza, which is nicer than the name would suggest – pepperoni, smoked streaky bacon, fennel & black pepper infused pork, with Rosie’s original BBQ sauce and a side of twice cooked wedges and macaroni cheese. Carbicide is a fine way to go. The pizzas are all made on the premises, and gluten free and veggie/vegan options are available too. No stingy toppings here, we were hard pushed to finish one of these between us with the sides too, but still made room for a dessert (of course. Separate stomach for puddings is A Real Thing, you know.) Chocolate brownie cake was inhaled by me, and a spiced orange cake that tasted like Christmas for Duncan.

Meat Sweats

Meat Sweats

The menu is posted on the Facebook page, with many interesting possibilities (peach and parma ham is next on my to-do list.) This isn’t your average fast food stodge, and is fast cementing itself as one of my favourite places in Nottingham. They celebrated their first birthday this week too (having previously been found at The Picnic Basket near the train Station in their original incarnation). I’ll see you at the photobooth if you promise to let me win at ping pong.

ASOS Curve dress, Oasis necklace

ASOS Curve dress, Oasis necklace

This was my choice for a “first date” outfit (which I’m please to report has turned into many more dates and a boyfriend, so this dress is a winner. I’ve been slow to update of late,  my first Oscar & Rosies visit was 7 weeks ago! Oops.) featuring an ASOS Curve off-shoulder skater dress, which is my New Favourite Dress. As ever I belted it for more definition, and wore it with fishnet tights, New Look buckled ankle boots, and my trusty MAC ‘Heroine’ lipstick and false lashes by Eyelure. ASOS have been hitting the nail on the head lately with their Curve dresses, I’ve got three more to write about ASAP.

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